The Association of Pharmaceutical Employers PharmaNET is an organization, established in June 2011, bringing together the largest Polish companies running pharmacies.

The members of the Association run nearly 2.5 thousand pharmacies with almost 6,000 employees pharmacists and over 10,000 pharmaceutical technicians. We believe that the knowledge and experience of the Association and its Members can be an added value in developing directions for changes in the functioning of the Polish pharmacy market.

Every month, thousands of pharmacists working in our pharmacies bring help and pharmaceutical care to over a million Poles. Over twenty years of building a modern pharmaceutical market in Poland, pharmacy chains have become an important element of it, a large employer and provider of modern pharmaceutical services for millions of Poles.

The main objective of APE PharmaNET is to consolidate the environment of network pharmacies and care for legal solutions beneficial to pharmacists and patients, consistent with the constitutional model of the social market economy. Moreover we want to be representation and protection of the public, social, economic and business interests of its members, as well as cooperation to reduce the costs of treatment, introduce modern healthcare and support pharmaceutical care provided in pharmacies to patients with respect to trade unions, authorities and government administration, as well as bodies of local authority.

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Association of Pharmaceutical Employers PharmaNET

3 Zbyszka Cybulskiego st.
00-727 Warsaw

tel.: +48 22 55 99 900


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